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small yellow puzzle piece The purpose of the KTEC PTSC is to encourage and enhance the education of all students while strengthening and developing the relationships between our parents, school, and community.

small yellow puzzle piece Important Changes

In our endeavor of seeking our 501(c)3 status, the PTSO has been working alongside with an attorney’s office that is seasoned in establishing both PTSOs and school organizations.  We have been following their advice about how to proceed to make sure we are taking the proper steps so we can maintain the integrity of our organization.  As a result, a few changes have taken place.

We have changed our name to KTEC PTSC, INC.
We will be electing 3 additional board member positions this year and an additional  6 positions next year.   Any people interested in being considered for this year should turn in a completed application form (attached) to the office by May 30, 2014.   No late submissions will be considered.  If you have any questions please direct them to

Looking ahead to next year:   We need chairs for all of our events and activities.

Being a chair is hugely helpful to our organization and school. You can choose one event or multiple events. You can even co-chair with a friend! This is the perfect chance for you to lend a hand and show your support for your child’s school. Pick a time of year or event that works for you, and let us know how you will help next year!

Below you will find a list of our committees, along with the responsibilities associated with the event. or activity. Let us know as soon as possible which one you’d be willing to chair. Remember, you are a chair but not expected to run these events by yourself without volunteer help!

Lastly, we are also looking for parents interested in becoming a PTSC board member. If you are interested in learning more, please let us know by attending our PTSC meeting tomorrow evening at 6:30 in the West Library or emailing

Baking      Boxtops       Family Eatery      Father Daughter Event      Father Son Event      Mother Daughter Event      Mother Son Event      Other Collections


small blue puzzle piece 2015-2016 Board Members

  • President: Tina Harvey
  • Vice-president: Julie Spangler
  • Treasurer: Amy Parrish
  • Secretary: Erin Mendoza
  • Angie Door
  • Amy Farr
  • Tami Runyard


small blue puzzle piece 2016-2017 Meeting Dates

All meetings start at 6:30

East meetings are held in the upstairs Community Partnership Room

West meetings are held in the library

Everyone is welcome at all meetings

  • September 20th @ East
  • October 18th @ West
  • November 29th @ East
  • December 20th @ West
  • January 17th @ East
  • February 21st @ West
  • March 21st @ East
  • April 25th @ West
  • May 16th @ East
  • June 6th @ West
  • July  @ East
  • August  @ West
small blue puzzle piece Meeting Notes

2016-2017 Meeting Minutes


2015-2016 Meeting Minutes

 small green puzzle piece Communication small green puzzle piece Volunteer
The PTSC communication in many forms:

  • Calendar
  • Weekly Emails
  • Monthly Meetings
  • Paper & Electronic Flyers
  • Student Directory

If you are interested in relieving e-mail communication from the PTSO or participating in our paperless communication system, or would simply like more information , please contact our secretary.


Volunteers play a very important role in supporting the education of students at KTEC.  Please let us know how you would like to be involved at KTEC.  We can use ANY help that you can give. Here are some opportunities to help:

  • Book fairs
  • Year-long fundraising opportunities
  • Green Acres Sales
  • Schwan’s Sales
  • Fall Festival
  • Middle-school socials


Please consider signing up to help out on one (or more if you wish) of the committees below that interest you.  Follow this link to a Google doc with tabs at the bottom for the different committees.  If you have any problems signing up, please contact Melinda Henningfield.
Finance Committee:   This committee will gain an understanding of the proposed PTSC budget for the school year, identify the needs of the teachers and students to make sure money is spent appropriately. Fundraising Committee:   This committee will develop new and analyze existing fundraising opportunities to maximize profit for the KTEC Community.  This committee will also make recommendations on how to spend the money raised to the PTSC Board for approval.
Partnership Committee:   This committee will communicate all events and school related information in a timely manner via email/social media/website and identify goals to make communication more effective.  This committee will ensure there is continuity amongst both campuses in regards to communication and family fun activities. Branding and Marketing Committee:   This committee will maintain webpage information for the PTSC with accurate information.  They will also create social media strategies to help advertise upcoming school events.
small red puzzle pieceFundraising