Innovation Lab


Kenosha School of Technology Enhanced Curriculum’s next step is creating an Innovation Lab that will serve as a maker space for both our students and the community. 

Our unique curriculums allow students tocreate and test projects. This requires space, resources,- both reusable and consumable – and storage for those resources.  As a learning lab, KTEC needs a place to share and grow our vision other educators.  The confines of a regular classroom do not adequately allow for these activities.  The need for real-world application, exposure to different careers, and connecting to our community calls for a space that allows for collaboration, bringing ideas to fruition. 

KTEC’s Innovation Lab will be a place for self-directed, hands-on, physical, project-based learning,  perfect for our unique curriculums like Project Lead the Way.  It will house all the necessary resources required for STEM learning and innovation: tools, computers, 3D printer, presentation equipment, meeting areas, and heavier equipment.  This lab will allow students to take control of their own learning, as well as provide the opportunity for community collaboration.  Students and community members can gather to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, network and build.

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Here is the space that will be transformed into a high-end Innovation Lab:

DSCN9889  DSCN9895

DSCN9896 DSCN9897 DSCN9893

How will this look? 

  • “Introduction Nights” will allow KTEC students to introduce the lab to the community, sharing their knowledge and explaining the opportunities
  • “Community Innovation Nights” will invite community members with creative ideas the chance to use the lab’s resources to problem-solve, invent, and create
  • KTEC students will be exposed to real-world applications
  • Educators from our school district, Wisconsin, and other states will be able to learn more about the KTEC model and receive training
  • Students will explore biology, energy, physics, robotics, automation, 3 dimensional design and printing, green architecture, and more
  • Video conferencing, Google Hangout meetings, and global interaction 
  • Students from higher-education institutes like Carthage College will use the space for learning and teaching

Innovation occurs when learning is connected to real-world applications.  Community partnerships create 21st century citizens. Local, national  and global partnerships are vital to KTEC.  We continue to built symbiotic relationships with higher –education institutes,  high-profile companies who support education that creates a qualified work force, and our state and local support organizations. 

And this is the plan designed in collaboration with Snap-On Industrial (click on the image to see a larger version)

Innovation Lab



Learn more about what a MakerSpace is and how it will benefit both KTEC students and the community: