Governance Board


small yellow puzzle piece Mission Statement

The Kenosha School of Technology Enhanced Curriculum Governance Board will ensure academic accountability, administrative responsibility and financial security, relevant to 21st Century Learning skills and technological learning environments for the students, staff, families and the greater community of the school.

small blue puzzle piece Vision Statement

The Kenosha School of Technology Enhanced Curriculum Governance Board will ensure the integrity of the school through evaluation, leadership and financial responsibility.

  Board Members

  • President: Paul Fegley
  • Vice President: Laura Svatek
  • Secretary:
  • Pat Brown
  • Steve Davis
  • Mary Jo Jiter


*** Governance Board Awards ***

Monday, June 4, 2018  6:30 – 8:00

The KTEC Governance Board recognizes students who have represented KTEC in the community and those who have chosen to participate in volunteer, services clubs.  Students participating in the following programs (but not limited to) will be invited to the award ceremony.

All City Choir; Band/Choir/Orchestra Solo and Ensemble; Battle of the Books; District Art Show; District Black History Bee at KUSD; District Spelling Bee at KUSD; First LEGO League; Math Competitions; Panthers Achieving Working Serving (PAWS);  Regional National History Day; Safety Patrol; Student Council

And the student in each classroom who most demonstrated overall character traits stressed at KTEC.

small green puzzle piece Benchmark Statements
Academic Accountability

  • Semi-Annually meet with grade level team leaders for updates related to curriculum and charter implementation process
  • Attend a summer data retreat to review assessment and data scores and set yearly academic goals
  • Provide for a quarterly academic review process for students not performing to expected levels related to the KTEC Contract of Expectations and Conduct
Administrative Responsibility

  • Provide time for a Principal Update at all Regular Board Meetings
  • Conduct an annual review of principal’s performance
  • Provide an annual report to the Kenosha Unified School Board
Financial Security

  • Review and approve annual budget
  • Review quarterly financial statements
  • Investigate and pursue financial opportunities including, but not limited to: grants, fundraising, donations and fiscal partnerships
  • Provide time and Regular Board Meetings for a capital development review
small red puzzle pieceCommittee Responsibilities
Academic Committee

  • Review and recommend curriculum for both the elementary and middle school and the special areas (art, music, gym, Spanish, etc.)
  • Review student achievement data and ensure technology and 21st century learning skills are met
  • Receive updates from team leaders related to curriculum and the charter implementation process
  • Five-seven members needed
Finance Committee

  • Create financial reports
  • Audit budgets, income, and expenses
  • Mange school’s assets
  • Developed 3 year financial plans
  • Approve expenditures over certain amounts
  • Seek and manage capital development and grant opportunities
Facilities/Equipment Committee

  • Evaluate and recommend electrical, plumbing & HVAC needs
  • Evaluate and recommend school equipment needs (computers, supplies, etc.)
  • Evaluate and recommend building & ground maintenance needs
  • Evaluate and recommend food service needs
Policy/Communication Committee

  • Review and implement applicable school policies, including student conduct
  • Implement school communication policies
  • Administer parent and community survey
  • Three members needed
 Governance Board Committee Nomination Form