Character Education


KTEC students develop their character and respect for diverse perspectives, as well as academic skills.  All students participate in regular character lessons that focus on important traits throughout the year.  A student from each classroom who best exemplifies that quarter’s traits is recognized at the quarterly award assemblies.  The one student per classroom who best demonstrates consistent, overall character all year long is recognized at the Governance Board Awards in June.

KTEC also participates in KUSD Kindness week.  National Honor Society and Student Council students hold drives and fundraisers for local causes throughout the year.



Being accountable for your actions and doing what is right independently.


Being brave as you try new and difficult things.

Respect and Friendship

Respect is thinking and acting in a positive way about yourself and others in a way that shows you care about everyone’s feelings and well-being.  There is an emphasis on how showing respect promotes healthy friendships.


The consideration and acceptance of others, patience, tolerance, and kindness.  There is a focus on empathy and teaching students how to recognize and understand when their peers need support and how to offer them support. 


The quality of being upright, honest, and just in character and actions.


Patriotic, a sense of pride, actively participating in the community, a sharing of time, talents and resources.


Confidence in self, knowing that one is of value and can have a positive impact.

Work Ethic

Diligent, productive, valuing a sense of accomplishment, a means to achieve one’s goals.


A sense that a positive outcome is possible even in dire situations, a realistic optimism, faith in each other, perseverance.