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Welcome to the new KTEC Art Webpage!!!  We are just getting started so check back often to see all kinds of wonderful art resources, announcements, activities, and KTEC artists’ work!

What’s Going On

In art class a line is a mark, made by a point, moving through space.  This quarter we are learning about how artists use line, line types, and line qualities.  We are using line like artists.  We are discovering the many types of lines in our homes, classroom, and community.


Art Gallery 


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Did you know that the school districts creates KUSD Fine Art Showcase video every month?  Students from all of the schools, including KTEC, are featured with their art.  You can find these videos on the KTEC YouTube page.

 Fun in Art

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What is Artsonia?

Our school is a member of Artsonia, the largest online student art museum.  It showcases artwork from thousands of schools around the world.  Artsonia’s goals are to develop students’ pride and self-esteem, increase their multicultural understanding through art and involve parents and relatives in student education and accomplishments.

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Wish List

 Please browse over our Art Wish Lists below.  If you are able to collect and deliver any items from the list, it would be greatly appreciated! A special THANK YOU to those who donated last year!  

 If there are any local businesses interested in donating bulk items, please contact us.  When delivering items, please place items in a closed bag with a clear label for Art Department.

Needed Items at Both Campuses

  • black expo markers
  • ribbon
  • wallpaper
  • buttons
  • plastic clear shoebox containers/lids
  • tracing paper
  • copy paper
  • globe
  • popsicle sticks
  • stamps (foam/rubber)
  • ink pads
  • forks, spoons and knives
  • clean mason jars, glass spaghetti jars, salsa jars pickle Jars
  • clean clear Plastic peanut butter jars with lids
  • keys
  • knobs and buttons from electronics
  • scrapbook accessories
  • scrapbook paper
  • stickers
  • envelopes
  • picture books
  • crayons
  • wooden spoons
  • colored pencils
  • markers
  • paper plates
  • wood scraps
  • beads
  • how to draw books
  • animal figurines
  • still life objects
    • shoes
    • game boards
    • kitchen utensils
  •  board
  • easels
  • glitter
  • sharpie markers
  • duct tape
  • masking tape
  • paper bags
  • sand paper
  • wire hangers
  • glue bottles
  • electronic scraps, wires, circuit boards

Needed Items for East

  • Nylons/stockings
  • vinyl tablecloth
  • letter tracers
  • styrofoam insulation
  • picture frames large and small
  • craft paint
  • large quart size yogurt containers
  • LED Candles and Lights
  • plastic Wrap
  • clean squirt bottles
Art Announcements


Thank you to all of the parents who have generously brought in art supply donations!

Congratulations to the first KTEC winner of a Lemon Street Gallery Ribbon: Ryan Mattie-Wilson.

Art + Lego

The KTEC art department is excited to incorporate LEGO building as an art form! In order to fulfill those LEGO lover’s dreams, we are asking you to look through your toy chests for any LEGO that may be collecting dust. You can put them to better use in the art room by making a donation today! All LEGO will be accepted at the West and East campus art rooms. All donations are greatly appreciated! 


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Interactive Art History: National Gallery of Art

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Ms. Maly